Flora Fiction is a collective of creative muses and inspiration. From original writing, to photography and illustration, there’s always something to be discovered. In the modern world, you may experience difficulty in reconnecting with your inner artistic child. Society often devalues the importance of art, in any form. Art, in conjunction with arithmetic and science, advances the capacity of intelligence. Not only do you need imagination to invent, you need it to connect. You’re taught how to connect with others, in your family and in social settings. Now is the time to connect with yourself. Stay and explore the possibilities of the human mind.

Our mission is to spread art and to encourage artists to share their art with us and others. We are both a creative space and literary magazine. We publish artists on both our website and in our collective issues. Take your time, read around, and become inspired.

Escape to somewhere else.
Forgive yourself.
Avoid overstimulation.
Mindfully mend the soul.

It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

George Elliot

New Releases

The Lady By Shruti Vij

Medium: Acrylics on canvas  Size: 24 inches x 36 inches  Shruti loves doing mainly abstract and mixed media artworks that don’t subscribe to complicated concepts.…

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Kaleidoscope By Susan Cornford

           “I’m going to throw up. I’m going to throw up. I’m going to throw up all over my wedding dress!” I said.           “Breathe,” my friend, Monica,…

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Life By Eva Wal

Smiling into the morning’s faceI lie under a tree Listening to birds With my eyesI kiss the crooked treefull of rounded fruits A happy crowd…

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