You don’t have to consider yourself an “artist” to make art. Creativity is more than just storytelling, it’s a form of expression, an active release. The motion of physically creating something and seeing it before you, transforms thoughts into realization.

Create from what propels you. Create for yourself before anyone else. You don’t always have to share what you make, what matters is getting it out.

Once writing has become your major vice and greatest pleasure, only death can stop it.

Ernest Hemingway


Landscape By Rock Martinez

Soft, lazy afternoons in quiet neighborhoods, where childrenPlay innocent games.Mothers watch, contented, idyllic lifeScenic pictures of another day in paradise. […]

Happy New Year By Ashley Wilson

Twenty-six. Twenty-seven.Twenty Twenty. Twenty Twenty-One.You’ve crossed the river Styxand have entered hell. Oh, how uneventful. How sad.Did you expect fireworks?With […]

Lady Thunderteeth

I can’t even handle chaos offbeat,coming from the endless loop of uncertaintyI thrive,just by knowing when your time to leave […]

This Love

This love will be here, always, like the fingerprints on my glasses. This love is the letter that got lost […]


Violet tree grows next to my bed,and I lay staring through the vibrancy of its color.If bees are to fly […]


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