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  • Abandoning by Jackson Dammann

    Abandoning by Jackson Dammann

    Whoever saidsex and hungerare our most powerful urgesclearly never tried the stuff I’m on. This stuff is             teeth on neck             cold static through veins unpolluted stars the piece of me that was always missing. Need to cut back budget don’t need the             car cable friends just need to be able to breathe.… Read more

  • Late Summer Evening by Anne Mikusinski

    Late Summer Evening by Anne Mikusinski

    The day’s fever breaksSubtlyAs thin white cloudsTrace eggshell cracksAgainst the fading blue.The heat leavesQuietlyIn sighing gasps ofTepid airCircling the drainLanguidlyAs night comes inSpreading outIts indigo dropclothAnd sprinkling the starsUpon itHaphazardly. Anne Mikusinski has always been in love with words. She’s been writing poems and short stories since she was seven. Her influences range from Robert… Read more

  • Reflections Close to Closing Time by Anne Mikusinski

    Reflections Close to Closing Time by Anne Mikusinski

    It’s three minutes pastThe last time I checkedI’m so informedAs time is marked by thin gold hands.Around me,Life happensIn couplesIn groupsEvenIn the singular purposeOf the man next to meGlaring at his phoneGoogling solutionsHave meritThe room is fullOf sound bitesMurmured conversationMusic of the earnestBand of the eveningDebates and discussions on human connectionsFor me it’s just theLanguorous… Read more

  • Columbine, Will You Be Mine?  by Douglass Allen

    Columbine, Will You Be Mine? by Douglass Allen

    My cultivated garden grows, seeds in rows,Gently tendered, watered, sun enough and earth—Daisy, hollyhock, delphinium, andColumbine—will you be mine?Blessed flowers, blessed birth. I’ve grown discouraged, bummed out, glum.Flowers should enchant, delight, so—Tell me the flaw― my failed green thumb?Germination yes, but oh, oh no! From someone so upset, chagrin—Let me tell you what woe is—All… Read more

  • Firefly by Warren Benedetto

    Firefly by Warren Benedetto

    Missy caught the firefly in mid-air, cupping her hands around it to form a tiny, dark cave. She could feel the insect’s delicate footsteps tickling her skin as it wandered across her palm, searching for a way out. “Got you!” she whispered, victorious. It was almost dark. The sunset was nothing but a burnt orange… Read more

  • Carmenere by Matthew Hunt

    Carmenere by Matthew Hunt

    I want to taste the golden sunThat sits so cold on this high unending plainAnd over the multivariate earthIts rays to soils unlightened bearThe sweet, lost dreams of stars afar.Is it possible to seeFrom this sliver, this crescent scratch of ground,Wherein our habitat moments pass,The snows that never melting lieIn stony crops above the land,That… Read more