Short Story

You live in a world of story telling. Everything you consume has setting, hero, theme, and purpose that tell you more with implicit meaning. The art of the short story is immersive, concise, and vivid. In such a small amount of space, there’s much to say.

The story has it’s own tale to tell and decides for you. When you sit down to take your mind elsewhere, the decides for you, telling you what you to hear. Showing you what you need to see. A short story is a place you visit, for a brief period of time and during that time, are completely enveloped in believable fiction.

Don’t worry about mistakes. Making things out of mistakes, that’s creativity.

Peter Max

The Last Allergens By Verche Arsovska

Rose put the couple’s order in a few boxes and sealed them shut. No corrosive particles, pollutants, and pathogens were getting inside on her watch. There was no pride left in the world, but she was proud to offer clean food. It was 2040, after all. Pollutants that liquefied lungs and thickened blood traveled on […]

A virtual Version

Mind controlled husks of humans surround me. Consumed with the imaginary world, reality exists differently for each individual. People communicate through intangible means. Everyone is stuck in their own mind; they don’t notice those around them. Even now, when I cry, no one sees my tears because they’re not looking. Neither am I. I’m led […]

The Cure

Marcie’s dark brown hair veils her face with protection, concealing the emotion written across it. She sits at the bottom of a bathroom stall, wasting time between classes by scrolling through reaffirmations online that what she’s going through is normal. One article after another tells her how to manage her emotions, but none of it […]


Sasha Miles lives with her family on the moon she partly owns with the government. Her husband, Walker, is an astrophysicist. Together, they inhabit a biodome with their four children: Jolene, Ellison, Dolly, and “Monty” Montgomery. Being away from humanity is lonely at times, but the Miles mansion is big enough for comfort and has […]