Genre: Science Fiction / Rating: R / 45-60m Episodes

Altered Carbon Season 2 premiered yesterday, February 27th, on Netflix. This series, based off the 2002 novel by Richard Morgan, is a futuristic masterpiece of colors, story, and character. Nearly 300 years in the future, people are able to essentially download their consciousness onto what is called a stack that connects to the spinal column. In doing this, stacks are interchangeable between organic and synthetic bodies, known as sleeves.

The main plot follows Takeshi Kovacs, an “envoy” super soldier who awakes in a new sleeve centuries later. As he discovers parts of his past, he learns about the current world, including the failure of the envoy rebellion he was once part of that fought the wealthy elite from living forever. Naturally, organic sleeves, or bodies, are hard to come by. Only the extremely rich can afford to make new iterations of themselves, interchanging the old for the new. Though through each death and rebirth, something within mankind is lost.

Takeshi struggles between his morality, love, and responsibility when attempting to do what’s right within the confines of a place unknown to him. Follow his memorizing journey. Let the scenery and writing take you to an alternative universe. Even if you’re not that into scifi/fantasy, the underlying morals of this story can be relatable in society today. When selfishness trumps compassion, we are left with a world devoid of humanity.

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