Released on Netflix July 7, 2017
Genre: Fantasy / Rating: R / 30m Episodes

If you haven’t seen Castlevania, what are you doing? Anime tends to have negative assumptions associated with it. Many people deem it as a “cartoon,” establishing that they are too “immature” to watch. Others, claim it’s “too sexual” and avoid it out of moral principle. Here’s the thing that naysayers neglect: entire Asian cultures value anime and manga.

Eastern civilizations view these creative paths to be admirable. Most of their popular movies are anime. American companies make anime commercials for this region of the world, and furthermore, streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu have invested substantially into the production of anime. There’s a huge following for Disney, which is strictly cartoons and fantasy, so why not try sometimes similar?

Castlevania is an American anime that follows the tale of Dracula and monster hunter, Trevor Belmont, within the war between humans and darkness. Throughout the series, the viewer comes to understand the path of both hero and villain from a gruesomely vivid lens. Season 2 left fans in awe of the artwork, story, and action of this series. Season 3 is announced to return March 5th, 2020, so you have a month to catch up!

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