Honing in on the start of the new year, there is still time to get your work out there! Over the next month and a half, there are many contest deadlines approaching. Emerge into Spring on a good note by submitting your art. The following contests are strictly Short Story, and a Poetry list is to follow.

Tips to Submitting Your Writing

  1. Read Past Winning Entries. Most contests will post previous winning entries to read. Be sure to take the time to do so as some publications and sites may not be a fit for your work.
  2. Follow Submission Guidelines. Never go over the word limit, even you if you think your story is that good. Anything and everything can be shortened.
  3. Be Optimistically Realistic. All writers can attest to receiving piles of rejection letters. It’s part of the process. Learn, rewrite, and move forward. You will only improve.


  • Ruminate / 5,000 words / Cost $20 / Prize $1,000 / February 15th
  • American Short Fiction / 1,000 words / Cost $17 / Prize $1,000 / February 15th
  • Subtropics / Any Length / Cost $3 / Prize $1,000 / February 17th-21st


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