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  • Clothes Pole by Jim Bates

    Clothes Pole by Jim Bates

    Set firmly in the groundIt had its own spot in the backyardA heavy-duty metal post with wooden arms attachedHeld together with clothesline ropeA lever controlled it going up and downA thing of mechanical beautySimple utility and grace. His mother hung sheets from it every weekWhite cotton flags waving in the…

  • The Festival by Jeff Lewis

    The Festival by Jeff Lewis

    There was a festival that day,I don’t remember what it was called.I remember the soft curve of her cheek,I remember the way she padded gentlyacross the earthas though afraid of leaving a permanent mark.I remember her cries of delightas I won the little stuffed tigerafter seven futile attempts.I remember how…

  • Last Season by Tamar Kapanadze

    Last Season by Tamar Kapanadze

    Broken dreams and scattered expectationsBuried in your malignant intentions.I thought you brought me blooming blossomsbut left me with the scars,Wounded by your indifferent and stabbing snow petals.Giving you my winter moon was not enough for you,so it’s the last season walking on your avenue.Should I keep the tangerine as my…