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  • Life By Eva Wal

    Life By Eva Wal

    Smiling into the morning’s faceI lie under a tree Listening to birds With my eyesI kiss the crooked treefull of rounded fruits A happy crowd held in friendly arms I can do what I wantI watch the river flow Don’t be a slave, don’t be a foolshe speaks to mewhile…

  • April Walk in the Time of Corona

    April Walk in the Time of Corona

    I WANDERED LONELY AS A CLOUD. —Wm. Wordsworth Once, beside the river, I walked wild as if my legs were tugged by rushing current. With strangers, I volleyed Good day in a game of catch.Breezes from passing cyclists quivered arm hairs. Shoulders touching, youand I clustered under corona of noon sun, fed mallards, cooed at spring…