An orchid blooms through neglect
And torture. My soul is damaged
Like the dog we adopted from the pound,
I fear being bit again.
Yet, you still show me warmth
Even when I snap and retreat
To the former self I hate.
You tell me not to.
“Don’t think like that. We’re here for you.”
The fog is clearing, and I can see
The reality of my life. No one loves me
Like you. You give me happiness.
You hear my pain and listen to my heart.
You see me as I don’t see.
You feel all of me and reciprocate.
You protect me from hurting myself.
As the flower depends on the sun,
I consume the rays of your compassion.
I need you because I love you.
You showed me I can be beautiful.

Posted by:Flora Ashe

Editor in Chief

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