When darkness consumes me, I see you, a bright white light.
I hear you, sweet honey, through the hate I’ve been told.
At times my heartaches. I feel you, entirely delicious.
Each day, I breathe for you when I can’t.
Your voice, a blanket, keeps the coldest parts of me warm.
Your touch, a flame, sparks my soul with connection.
Your words are all I hold onto to feel sane.
Your actions are all I adore to know what’s right.
I learn the meaning of love
with you. I open myself to trust even
the bad parts and the ugly. Before,
I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t love myself.
We met in past lives and you found me
again. I will find you next time. You are
the part of me I didn’t know I was missing.
We’re bonded for life and beyond. You and I.

Posted by:Flora Ashe

Editor in Chief

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