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Flora Fiction is a collective of creative muses and inspiration. From original writing, to photography and illustration, there’s always something to be discovered. In the modern world, you may experience difficulty in reconnecting with your inner artistic child. Society often devalues the importance of art, in any form.

Art, in conjunction with arithmetic and science, advances the capacity of intelligence. Not only do you need imagination to invent, you need it to connect. You’re taught how to connect with others, in your family and in social settings. Now is the time to connect with yourself. Stay and explore the possibilities of the human mind.

Latest Published Online

Disconsolate by George Freek

I’m tired of lookingat dead trees,weary of the moon,which looks as if it hada dreadful disease.My friends have departed.My wife is dead.I watch the sun seton our home.I stare down…

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Initial Contact by Yuan Changming

The only reason Ming had travelled across the whole Pacific Ocean from Vancouver to Lotus Village was, hopefully, to see Chiung for the first and last time after he left…

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Smoke by Brendan Owens

perfumed in the corners of the houselies smoke that has not been aired out;forever stained in the leather &mentioning it will attractmy mother’s attention— there — don’t you remember? my…

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Burden by Huina Zheng

Mom, when you said you wanted to live with us, I thought you meant the seven-day National Day holiday, so I agreed at once. After all, we live in different…

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Diner Love by Philip Lisi

The top of the Heinz ketchup bottle at the Neptune Diner looked secure–I am sure it was on tight. But as I stare at the tomatoey Rorschach splotch adorning the…

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