Based in Saint Augustine, Florida. Flora Fiction is run entirely online and remote with Staff members from all over the world. Together, we are a collective of artists, writers, photographers, and everyday people who simply enjoy art. It’s our mission to give a voice to those who might not otherwise have had a chance. We embrace every type of art and every type of artist. Join us in being inspired.

Editorial Staff



We created Flora Fiction for you, our fellow artists and art lovers. We’re here to give those a voice and platform whom might not otherwise have. This allows others to share themselves with the world.



“As a poet, I’ve loved being a part of the editorial team at Flora Fiction because it has given me so many opportunities to read other people’s work, be inspired by new voices, and appreciate the beauty of poetry.”

Fiction Editor


Working with Flora Fiction has provided me an invaluable experience in stepping into myself as an artist and editor. It has given me the opportunity to read and review great stories and see the things/urges/feelings that make them and being an artist is about following said urges to the end–no matter where they take you.”

Poetry Editor


“Poetry allows me to paint the future I wish to see, and it allows me to turn my emotions into art. I hope I can continue to use my words to connect with those around me.” 

Poetry Editor


“Growing up, I was confused by the unbearable sorrow that took most of my everyday life. Thus, I adapted to it through poetry so my sadness and happiness live side by side. Working on the Flora Fiction Editorial Team connected me with artists around the world, virtually. I am honoured to be able to read stories and poems by emerging and established writers. They often inspire me in my own work.”

Poetry Editor


No thrill can be compared to the joy of discovering a new story. Readership at Flora Fiction tripled my access to them. Having the privilege of hearing so many fresh and vibrant voices is the kind of delight that I live for.

Website Publications Editor


Website Staff

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