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Volume 2 Issue 1 Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Featured Artists


Allison Whittenberg
Amy Van Duzer
Baisali Chatterjee Dutt
Bruce Gunther
Chelsea Fanning
Chelsea Locke
Cherise Arthur
Cliff Saunders
Erin McIntosh
Eva Wal
Gretchen Gales
Jack Phillips
Jack Freedman
Jessica Greenbaum
Linda Crate
Liyona Cicone
Lois Villemaire
Lowell Jaeger
Lynn White
M. A. Istvan Jr.
Maggie Swofford
Margaret Marcum
Maria do Sameiro Barroso
Mark Hammerschick
Mark Andrew Heathcote
Mark Blickley
Mary Anne Zammit
Melanie Han
Patricia Cole
Robert Beveridge
Robyn Petrik
Sara Collie
Stacey Lawrence
William Conelly


Ashley Wilson
Ava Sharahy
Caitlin Woolley
Dawn DeBraal
Jane Snyder
Michelle Fulmer
Yash Seyedbagheri
Zach Murphy


Belinda Subraman
Jenny Pivor
Ljiljana Stjelja
Maria Dimaki
Norma Greenwood
Regina Silvers


Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez
Ana Chikovani
Angela Grasse
Ava Margueritte
Ashley Wilson
Cherise Arthur
Cynthia Hollenberger
Ellen Pliskin
Guilherme Bergamini
Judith Rayl
Karina McKenzie
Katie Clark
Kevin Vivers
Lily Gavin
Mawie Barrett
Tatia Nikvashvili
Vadims Pjatrikovs