Author: Andrea Herrera

  • Chronic Illness & Art Cont.

    Chronic Illness & Art Cont.

    I’ve spoken before on my work concentrating around experiences with chronic illness and hospitalization. For this collection, I decided to take a more literal approach and showcase what’s on the inside rather than the outside. I was inspired by the old medical illustrations of Da Vinci. Using sepia and sanguine…

  • Self Portraiture

    Self Portraiture

    The self portrait is a common assignment and practice for young artists. However, we are encouraged to create a self portrait that is beyond one’s appearance. To show who one is without showing their face. To the right are views of my bathroom, desk and bedroom floor.

  • Sketchbook of a Student Artist

    Sketchbook of a Student Artist

    Some snippets from my sketchbook. Class assignments and self portraits done in graphite, charcoal and pen. I couldn’t recommend embracing black and white and drawing from life enough. 🙂

  • Chronic illness and art

    Chronic illness and art

    Much of my artwork for school has been an exploration of my experience with hospitalization and chronic illness, a large part of my life. One of my biggest inspirations for this is Frida Kahlo, who was famous for her pieces depicting the lifelong pain after an accident left her disabled.…

  • The Last of Us Series

    The Last of Us Series

    Video games were always one of my favorite art forms. I was most interested in the storytelling aspect and looking at the concept art books. Seeing these breathtaking new worlds and watching the unique characters come to life fascinated me.

  • happy father’s day

    happy father’s day

    My dad gave me my first drawing tablet and camera. My art journey would not have been the same without his support. Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

  • Friendship


    Check out Andrea’s illustration on friendship.

  • A Night at the Midnight Launderette

    A Night at the Midnight Launderette

    Hello, Friends! My name is Andrea Herrera and I’m one of the newest contributors. I’m a 20 year old artist from Miami studying Illustration. My work is about telling stories and expressing thoughts and feelings though vivid imagery. At night, when I have trouble sleeping, I like visit the Midnight…