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  • Collectivism vs Individualism

    Collectivism vs Individualism

    Oftentimes, we hear individualism or collectivism with a certain connotation of each word. Individualism is painted as narcissistic, self-centered and egotistical. Meanwhile, collectivism is revered as this end all be all solution to a functioning society that is altruistic. I find when discussing such topics, however, each term is not…

  • God And Such

    God And Such

    Hello, It’s been awhile since the last post, there is really nothing to say more than that. However, in the more enticing side of things of life and contemplation is Spinoza– instead of a displaced college student in the midst of quarantine (which is currently me). The reason why I…

  • A Brief Introduction of Notorious Notions in Philosophy

    A Brief Introduction of Notorious Notions in Philosophy

    For the first post for this series, I want to define what philosophy is. Relatively, philosophy is a tool to find the answers of the universe. There are many different approaches, and schools of thought, that render philosophy useless as they believe it is trying to answer a question that…