Author: Veronica Valerakis

  • This Love

    This Love

    This love will be here, always, like the fingerprints on my glasses. This love is the letter that got lost in the mail, that could never be returned because it was never received. This love is the tattoo on my heart drawn with invisible ink. This love is the song…

  • The Shirt

    The Shirt

    I buried it at the bottom of my drawer.It smells of Insomnia Cookies and abrisk, April night in New York City withYour coat draped across my shoulders. The scent of your cologne has faded,But I still smell it, intermingled withThe aroma of freshly baked cookies,Everytime I hear a Ziggy Alberts…

  • Your Favorite Guitar

    Your Favorite Guitar

    You strum me with the guitar picks I gave you.I am your audience and instrument.I know all your favorite songs.You love the music we’ve made,Even if you only brought me to a show once.I hear you’re learning new chords,But not with me.Never with me.You say you don’t want to wear…