Category: Illustration

  • The Last of Us Series

    The Last of Us Series

    Video games were always one of my favorite art forms. I was most interested in the storytelling aspect and looking at the concept art books. Seeing these breathtaking new worlds and watching the unique characters come to life fascinated me.

  • Eagle Woman by Jamila Alhaib

    Eagle Woman by Jamila Alhaib

    Jamila Alhaib graduated from the University of Akron in Ohio, USA, and is the president of the Other Face organization for art.

  • Moments of Insects by Seema Kadam Sutaar

    Moments of Insects by Seema Kadam Sutaar

    Being an artist, a photographer and a poet, Seema’s art forms reflects together in every creation.

  • Paintings by Jill Price

    Paintings by Jill Price

    Jill Price is a Queen’s University Ph.D. Candidate in Cultural Studies investigating unmaking as a creative act. Currently, she is unmaking a variety of old paintings, magazines, drawings and textiles, as well as investigating how settler-creatives can help unmake the commons to assist in the fight against climate change. Price…

  • happy father’s day

    happy father’s day

    My dad gave me my first drawing tablet and camera. My art journey would not have been the same without his support. Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

  • Friendship


    Check out Andrea’s illustration on friendship.

  • A Night at the Midnight Launderette

    A Night at the Midnight Launderette

    Hello, Friends! My name is Andrea Herrera and I’m one of the newest contributors. I’m a 20 year old artist from Miami studying Illustration. My work is about telling stories and expressing thoughts and feelings though vivid imagery. At night, when I have trouble sleeping, I like visit the Midnight…