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  • Distant Fear by Rock Martinez

    Distant Fear by Rock Martinez

    I was there when you were bornFar out in a distant placeI felt your heartbeat as if it was my own I saw your eyes openI’ll see them close. With each year that has passedI’ve grown closer to youOne day destiny will make us oneThis place will remain yours until…

  • Black Marble by Rock Martinez

    Black Marble by Rock Martinez

    “Black Marble” is an illustrative tribute to lives that have been lost for the USA. Robert Martinez is a 75-year old veteran who has been writing poems, short stories and novels for over fifty years.

  • Landscape By Rock Martinez

    Landscape By Rock Martinez

    Soft, lazy afternoons in quiet neighborhoods, where childrenPlay innocent games.Mothers watch, contented, idyllic lifeScenic pictures of another day in paradise. Large, comfortable homes perched on lofty hillsidesSit majestically, overlooking a sea of lightsAs late evening sneaks past crystal lakes.Soft light glows from bedroomsWhere children are tucked in to sleep, safe…

  • The Black You Wore By Rock Martinez

    The Black You Wore By Rock Martinez

    In vivid splendor, on the fields where the sun shines brilliantlyYou make your way to the front, aspiring to greatnessAmid the glory, the gore and the toil comes your salvationDeath is a reality that comes to pass. You died in battle dress; you’re laid to rest in your Sunday bestBut…

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