Distant Fear by Rock Martinez

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I was there when you were born
Far out in a distant place
I felt your heartbeat as if it was my own I saw your eyes open
I’ll see them close.

With each year that has passed
I’ve grown closer to you
One day destiny will make us one
This place will remain yours until that day comes
If you knew why I exist you would move away from me As fast as you can
I hold my arms out to embrace you
You recoil in fear
I clutch at your heels as you walk by and I linger in the depths until the next chance.

I’m the reflection in the rear view mirror Yellow eyes you can feel
Crawling up your neck
I’m the figure at the side of the road
Who waits for you around the next bend The body on the road you drove by
That you swore had moved.

I’m all these things and more
Inching closer with every hour that goes by The road to me is long and winding
Fraught with danger
If you escape I’ll be waiting for my turn.

As you lay in your bed and dream
I lie in the cool, moist ground and dream your dreams I know your secrets, I know your fears I know when your day will come
I will be the one to show you the way It may take years for our paths to cross,

But we will face each other eventually You were meant to be here
Living is just a temporary intrusion Everything points to this solution From the first breath of life
.To the final one
In the autumn of your days
Those wretched, weary, lonely hours When you have been abandoned I will be there for you
You will call for me, welcome me.

I will make it easy for you
Ease your pain
All the years of running from me will be over Now you will slow and wait for me to catch up For this is the best way.

I will be a gray shadow that darkens your day, the spasm that paralyzes your heart, the poison that invades your organs, the senility that steals your mind… I am all these things.

You will beg to be with me
After all these years you will stray no more You will be here with me,

Rock Martinez is a 76 year-old retiree and veteran who has been writing for over 45 years.


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