A completely unnecessary poem for my first love

Everyone else failed me except you,
Mere machines buzzing with constant sound of self-destruction,
they mortified me too, love.
Their wounds opened and healed in my hands,
My body clock ticks only to bring water
to deserted lands.
And when these hostile beasts I’ve loved after you
come alive
to vapor their flux down on me again,
I come back.
You appear to be everywhere I am,
I shaped myself on you,
out of you,
inside of you.
Oracle of my life, tell me when these lapis lazuli days end,
when will people nonchalantly blemishing what you’ve left,
finally feel regret.
Only you know, I’m thousand times better alive than dead.
Fiery souls are the wisest- they say, so like blazes
I flutter my lashes,
without knowing, in a pipe dream you pick up my ashes,
and the fire you make
shelters another pilgrim who carelessly passes.
Remember? I asked
“how does it feel to be a graveyard no one ever visits?”
You can never reply,
because I come back and instead of bringing flowers, I take them.
Long live my love,
keep us warm,
keep us wasted.


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