April Walk in the Time of Corona

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—Wm. Wordsworth

Once, beside the river, I walked wild 
as if my legs were tugged by rushing current. 
With strangers, I volleyed Good day 
in a game of catch.
Breezes from passing cyclists 
quivered arm hairs.

Shoulders touching, you
and I clustered under corona of noon sun, 
fed mallards, cooed 
at spring ducks. 

Now the air has shifted. We
step aside, mask our faces, 
hunker inside, search

for any lonely place 
to wander. Under rarer blue skies
cumulus assume odd shapes
honeysuckle calls: Come closer,
breath in my scent.

Linda Simone’s latest collection is The River Will Save Us (Kelsay Books). In addition to writing poetry and essays, she loves to create watercolors on recycled tea bags. She now lives in San Antonio, TX. Visit her site: lindasimone.com

3 responses to “April Walk in the Time of Corona”

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog today 🌺

  2. In this time of Corona, poets offer up just the right words to describe what’s happening to us mortals. And then, they tack on words of hope that remind us to keep living amidst this pandemic. Thank you for this poem, Ms. Simone. We will survive!

  3. This poem expresses so much of what is ephemeral about our lives now. Just walking is an experience fraught with happiness and danger. terry dugan


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