Black Cherries By Addi Ajmani

How many more will bleed
until we’ve had enough?
How many more will we bruise
and leave at the bottom of the barrel?
Dark night.
Dark life.
There’s a chill this summer night,
raging fumes from fiery thoughts
turned to actions.
Sirens echo from every direction.
Jagged scatterings of glass mimic
a yellow brick road leading to
a revolution.
Our revolution.
As the city burns so does
a previous way of life
It’s slowly fizzling out, and I watch
as the remnants transform
to specks of shimmery glitter.
No more
checking behind you shoulder
at every corner.
No more
black blood
black cherries.

Addi wants to change the world through art. It’s a feeling that simultaneously fulfills her, and fuels her to push past all her boundaries, mentally and physically. She isn’t sure if she creates to exist or exist to create, presumably, one doesn’t truly happen without the other.



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