Botanizing by Jim Bates

Two brothers
Wandering hills and fields
Breathing the rarefied air
Walking through deep woods
Verdant and green
Tromping across meadow grass
Fragrant with wildflowers
They stop along the way
Field books handy
Identifying what they observe
Meadow rue and sweet cicely
White daisy and prairie blue stem
They are botanizing
Taking time to step away
To commune with a wilder place
Among the white aster and fragrant bergamot
The purple milkweed and blazing star
They walk happily along
Brothers more like friends
United in their love of the natural world
The beauty they see and share there
Every time
Kindred spirits in wildness
Shared passion for Nature’s gifts
Soul mates in the awe of wonder.

Jim Bates lives in a small town in Minnesota. He loves to write! His stories and poems have appeared in over 400 online and print publications. Blog:


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