Broken Masterpiece by Fereshteh Hadisi

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Come in I’ll show you
a glimpse of my soul, a glimpse of my heart.
Where it starts bleeding,
where wounds become scars,
and where I hide my feelings.

Come in, I’ll show my wars,
I’ll show you my mind
It’s a very dark place,
It’s very numb,
empty and lost space.

Come in, I’ll show you,
While I weep-while I weep,
What I’ve become.
Too broken a masterpiece.

Fereshteh Hadisi was born in 1991 and grew up reading books, loving stories, and studied English Literature as an undergraduate and graduate student. Women are an everlasting part of her works. She translates and teaches English and provides an occasional flourish of sentiments in words that might form a story or poem.


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