Curious by Envy Cardena

behind, behind, behind
keep running, you’ll never catch up
the years have already passed you by, little girl
no sense in breaking your legs to catch up with them
lay down on the ground and cry your pretty little eyes out
accept your defeat and stop your whining
this is the hand that God has dealt you
don’t ask questions about his intentions
just play with what you’ve been handed
nothing is in your control so stop vying for power
the universe was born from utter chaos
it seems you were born from this same unexplainable chaos
don’t let your ambitions get the best of you
don’t lose yourself chasing after something you’ll never have
aim a little lower when you shoot, darling
you were made to be disappointed

Envy Cardena is a queer and disabled Indigenous poet residing in Iowa City who specializes in raising awareness and advocating for mental health, Indigenous rights and identity, and disability rights.


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