Curtain Room Still by Joas Nebe

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‘It’s a never-ending game of disintegration. I challenge the viewer by not living up to their expectations. I am denying the  satisfaction of solving the riddle, hidden within the depth of my  artwork.’

By turning his filmic cabinet of curiosity into an intriguing jigsaw puzzle of hybrid geometric patterns, Joas Nebe teases the viewer into accessing his game. He believes: ‘Riddle  games of this kind spark creativity and pass on the role of the artist to the viewer.’

Interview with Joas Nebe by Rebecca Schoensee (excerpt) The interview essay Gaming Into Mindfulness has been published in Humanize Magazine, issue 11, p. 20-31. 

In 2017, Joas Nebe received a M5 ARTS stipend for his video work The Dictionary Serial (USA). He was awarded Residency by Correspondence from The Arts Territory Exchange Program. In 2018, he participated in the Social Media Residency by Peripheral Forms, the Online Residency by Coldbench (UK). Visit: or

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