Happy New Year By Ashley Wilson

Twenty-six. Twenty-seven.
Twenty Twenty. Twenty Twenty-One.
You’ve crossed the river Styx
and have entered hell.

Oh, how uneventful. How sad.
Did you expect fireworks?
With all that has happened,
did you think it was over?

A year older, you feel the same,
only to realize it’s been over half a decade
since you’ve graduated (college that is).
It’s getting harder to lose weight.

Thankfully, you were marked safe
from the pregnancy wave that
swept the world. What will they call
the next generation? Gen Alpha?

“Transformative.” Let’s hope so.
Kids, but not right now. What’s the rush?
And all the pressure to procreate.
Let yourself be selfish.

Ashley Wilson is a 26-year-old from St. Augustine, Florida. She graduated from University of Florida with a Bachelor’s in English.


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