Hide and Seek by Saba Ajmal

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Fumbling through the dusky dark, 
No single beam of light till the far brinks of world, 
Stray bits of bliss and spasm, 
Filling the chinks in spate of the benumbing angst, 
Is it a back gear? 
Or a forward move? 
Or agent stimulant, 
Part of the whole scheme? 
And what is this angst for? 
Mere sketches, 
Mere gibberish. 
Blasé stasis. 
Dead ashes.

I am afraid, 
I can connect no more, 
Mere hide and seek. 
No stay. 
Slipping through my hands like greased lightning, 
Making everything slithery, 
Sucking the essence out of life, 
Before death, 
Severing every bond, 
Gnawing beauty, 
Blighting love, 
Infecting joy, 
Leaving me alone in the endless desert of time, 
Seduction, Restiveness, Nth point, Mergence! 
And then lost. 
Lost everything. 
I with empty hand, 
Lost in the mire, 
To begin over again? 
Why this fleeting kiss, 
Of reality? 
And then nothingness again?

Saba Ajmal works as a Lecturer at Department of Humanities and Basic Sciences, University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan. She has academic and 10 years professional experience as a research scholar, practitioner, and teacher in field of English Language & Literature.


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