Hunger by Daniel Schulz

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I lived through six euro an hour philanthropy,
wrapped in a blanket of poverty,
sleeping on benches in train stations
waiting for my next ride home,
my back battered by the factory lines.
This is not an achievement. This is life.
I will not give in.

I am a fighter with a marathon heart,
a love harder
than any punch could ever deliver,

a glimmer in my eyes like a spark of gasoline,
a poem waiting to happen.

I am a wild animal
taking up the exhibition space,

exchanging tongue kisses
through the holes in my coat,

and stealing hearts,
a champion of my hunger
finding tenderness in all the unexpected spots.

Not all wealth is measured in money.

My lips are passionate wrestlers
opening up to let you in.

Daniel Schulz is a writer and 2022 pushcart nominee known best for his publications in Fragmented Voices, Versification, A Thin Slice Anxiety, Word Vomit, Dipity, and the catalog Get Rid of Meaning.

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  1. Beautiful poem !


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