Lady Thunderteeth

I can’t even handle chaos offbeat,
coming from the endless loop of uncertainty
I thrive,
just by knowing when your time to leave arrives.
If others had the hiding spot for their thoughts about me,
you won’t get the chance.
I memorized how to calculate feelings from hesitant, completely pale, glance.
My teeth barricades thunder that comes in words,
step out of your chariot,
everyone deserves to die once by that bittersweet sword.
This world grasps and I grasp with it for the narrowed time and space,
I misjudge you,
do I care?
I play affection like it’s made as a race.
In the time you overthink overcoming your fears,
I overstep your persona. I’m sorry.
I’d back away if it was bounded by bigger sphere.
Your sick needs exposed,
bare-skinned demand of being important,
I’ll tell you…
You’re as crucial as the title sequence of the movie,
as the spark that lights up my cigarette,
I bet,
leaving both behind wont cause single regret.
Has anyone ever broken it down to you?
You can go, stop seeing your egotism as a weapon.
I choose not to ruin you,
I’m a Lady Thunderteeth,
I know when I’m about to happen.


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