Last Season by Tamar Kapanadze

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Broken dreams and scattered expectations
Buried in your malignant intentions.
I thought you brought me blooming blossoms
but left me with the scars,
Wounded by your indifferent and stabbing snow petals.
Giving you my winter moon was not enough for you,
so it’s the last season walking on your avenue.
Should I keep the tangerine as my little secret?
The pieces of your existence are gathered in the closet.
I tried to treat that pale face like it was sacred oath,
Now I’m trembling in the dark with bitterness in mouth.
I guess it was the one last season singing you the odes
But I’m waiting with my tangerine and hope to explode.

Tamar loves making spontaneous decisions just like the creation of her poems and wishes to know true desires. She hopes to find the job she is devoted to and have a small strawberry garden.


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