Lazy Sunday by Laurentiu Stehan

The days of spring were coming to an end and the hot breeze of summer was heating his already tanned face. The last Sunday of May was here and Willy wants to enjoy it and relax. He feels lazy, but a nice stroll by the lake never hurt anybody. Humming a song he heard earlier while passing by a terrace full of people, he relished the sensation of complete freedom.
            Only the highest peak of the Great Mountain has some snow left on it. All the others were bright green, emanating life. He stared for a second and wondered how was the view from up there. Being in good shape, he made a promise to himself: he would climb that top before the summer’s end and look back at the exact spot he was standing in right now and wave to his past self.
            Willy went on with his promenade, heading towards the medieval castle. A 20km round-trip, his weekly routine. As he got closer to the majestic stone structure, a dark shadow engulfed the street as if night just swallowed the day whole. He could feel his hairs rising on his arms and back. The temperature dropped instantly and he was able to see his breath in front of him. His eardrums nearly popped from the agonizing scream that fell from above. He looked up and couldn’t believe his eyes.
            A pair of wings the size of two school buses, flapping, right above him. Sending gusts of wind, he almost made fell on his behind. Icy eyes were staring at him and the monster plonged straight in his direction.
            Mesmerized in shock, Willy didn’t clinch until the last possible moment when he jumped to the right, avoiding a giant talon that was aiming at his heart. He rose back up and turned to see what just attacked him.
            The wings had folded down together and the beast twisted so fast that the nearby trees bent backwards. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He was starring at an Ice Dragon.
            With no delay, the monster sprung in his direction again. Cold air whistled out of his nostrils. His mouth, wide open, teeth sharp as swords, threatening to pierce Willy’s body and shred it into a million pieces.
            Heat came from his lower right. Realizing the peril he found himself in, Willy jumped again to the side and rolled over back to his feet in an instant. He looked down to his right hand and saw a flaming sword. Where did it come from? He knew not, but the timing was impeccable.
            With a swift move, he sliced the air with the sword and sent a heatwave that splashed into the dragon’s back. The ice scales turned to water instantly and the beast screamed in agony, but the wound healed in the next moment, as the water drops froze again, making them even harder than before.
            The dragon spread his wings and took off to the tallest tower of the castle, penetrating the roof with its claws and sending down debris that almost crushed Willy. The beast swung its tail in the air and took off again, this time with all of its might diving straight towards poor Willy.
            The young lad stumbled over on his back, dropping the fiery sword from his hand into the lake. Surely, he was doomed.
            The beast landed and pinned him down with his icy claws, breathing heavily in front of his face. His cheeks were freezing and the blood from his face rushed downwards. He was a goner, no doubt about it.
            Then, out of nowhere, a song started! At first, it was barely audible, but it kept getting louder and louder to the point that even the dragon stopped and turned away to see where it was coming from.
            It was like the sky was singing, the vibrations of the sound were hitting their ears from everywhere around with no obvious source. Willy listened closely and realized he knew the tune. Quite well, actually. You see, it was not just any melody, but his favourite one. In fact, he loved that song so much that he was using it as his ringtone for over 3 years now.
            He started to sing along and the dragon turned back to him in shock. With eyes wide open, Willy could see the fear in his foe. He felt courage as it was building inside of him and started to sing louder and louder. Terrified, the dragon growled desperately as small cracks began to appear all over his body.
            Willy sang with passion and power, managing to even get up as the beast made two steps back in its desperate attempt to escape the music. Now, at the last verse, he sang with every bit of power he had and saw how the Ice Dragon exploded in a million shards right in front of his eyes.
            A ray of sunlight pierced the place where the dragon had just been and then, complete darkness.
            What just happened? The song started again. This time, coming from the left. He turned and saw the source; his phone was ringing on the nightstand.
            Confused, he answered:
            -Finally, you picked up! Where are you?
            -Yes, it’s me! What are you doing? Are you ready?
            -Ready for what?
            -What do you mean, ready for what? Did you forget?
            -No, no, I just, I think I dosed off a little.
            -Oh, you and your Lazy Sundays, Willy. You always like to sit around and do nothing all day long when you are free. Now, get up, we’re gonna be late and the movie will start without us!
            -Fine, fine, I just need to change my clothes and I’ll be on my way.
            -Ok, but hurry up! We’ll meet in front and enter together.
            Willy put the phone back on the nightstand and got to his feet.
            What a weird dream, -he said to himself while opening the curtains to let the light fill the room. Looking at the clear sky for a second, he took a deep breath. Weird indeed, -he whispered again and turning away to go and change. As he left, a winged shadow blocked the Sun for just a fraction of a second.

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