Leaf and Blossom by Stephan Weixler

Stephan is based in Graz, Austria and work with digital photography as well as with analog cameras and techniques. He likes to use different substrates and printing techniques. The most extraordinary one is the “on-wall photography,” where the wall is the photography’s substrate and the room acts as a frame.

Leaf and Blossom – a photographic interpretation of Haiku (葉と花 – 写真で俳句を表現する)

“In my photographic work, it is not a specific Haiku that is decisive, but the concept of Haiku. The classic haiku is a three-part verse form consisting of 17 moras (sound units from the Hiragana resp. Katakana syllabary). The prosperity is in the 17th / 18th century. Essential is the unspoken, the hint, a reduced section of a moment of the visible world which puts the comprehensive, the behind in an appearance.

“The haiku is related to nature (season, impression). The subjective feeling depends on the observing person. The topic of this work deals with a perceptual shift of detail, because the pictured is concrete, but allows different interpretations. The works depict nature in a reduced section, but imply, because of the strong magnification, to something more comprehensive.

“The tangible is extended by one level. A recognizable structure suggests another structure. Abstract meets concrete. The observing person thus succumbs to a certain incompleteness in the perception, which is decrypted by the person itself. The eye on the detail is the view of the whole.”


  • 35mm black and white film, enlarged on RC paper (30,5x24cm)
  • Passepartout with wooden frame (50x40cm)
  • Series of 17 works
  • Signed by hand and limited to 17 pieces (numbered)

Year of origin: 2017-2019



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