Life By Eva Wal

Smiling into the morning’s face
I lie under a tree

Listening to birds

With my eyes
I kiss the crooked tree
full of rounded fruits

A happy crowd held in friendly arms

I can do what I want
I watch the river flow

Don’t be a slave, don’t be a fool
she speaks to me
while I cry tears of joy and sadness

A fruit falls

Cheek to cheek we are
strangers travellers explorers


I ask
Are you ripe yet?

Birds will eat what I could have tasted
I quickly bite and swallow

sweet and bitter
skin and flesh and juice

of life.

Eva Wal is a visual and multimedia artist as well as a poet and writer of short prose. In 2009 she published her first poetry collection “Marmorsee” (marble lake). Since she has lived in England for several years she also writes in English. Visit:


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