Not a love letter by Tamar Kapanadze

I’m the song
You never wanted to sing,
The page in torn up book –
You always skip.
My transparent body
Reflecting its own misery,
Crying over the lost sparkle
Feeling hot and shivery.
Abandoned shimmering light
In my watercolor eyes
Remembering every smirk before
You fooled me with the lies.

I’m the storm you’re running away
To find a cozy shelter.
You’re a dream that I invented
For my eternal winter.
My wicked thoughts trying
To reach your frigid voice,
All alone in pain and rapture
But there is no choice.
Trapped in my own foolishness,
Bewitched by your scent,
Wilting all my water lilies
Was not what I meant.

Let’s write me a single letter
Even if it’s last,
Confide me your sorrow and
Faintly hidden lust.

But I too, love, skipped your page
And left it in the past.

Tamar tends to make mistakes in life but in poetry, somehow, it feels okay to her to make wrong decisions.


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