Paintings By Behruz Kuul

Behruz Kuul was born in 23 February 1988 in Nakhchivan. Graduated from Nakhchivan State University Fine Arts department, the workshop of Prof. Huseyngulu Aliyev in 2005-2009. Attended in courses of the famous Azerbaijani artists in Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts in 2009-2010. Continued to work personal workshop in Nakhchivan during 2010-2016 years. Moved to Turkey in 2016 and still works in his ateliers located both in Bodrum, Istanbul and Baku. Visit:

2 responses to “Paintings By Behruz Kuul”

  1. What beautiful paintings! I love how they are unique each one is and how different each is. 💖

    1. Thanks for stopping by!


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