Quiet, Please by Natasha Fontenelle

Quiet, Please.

I can’t hear myself not think,
The incessant chatter edges me close to the brink.

Quiet, please.
Did I fail to mention
How exhausting I find the piercing cries for attention?
Eyes tight headaches
Crave space to create
Vacation from persistent nonsensical notifications.

Quiet, please.
Let me feel the breeze,
Please don’t bulldoze this void with more continuous noise.
Leave me to just be,
Present peacefully,
Minus intrusive disruptive mealiness activity.

Quiet, please.
Yes, you over there
Holding the explosive stick of fear,
I see and hear you quite clear,
Stalking at the rear
Attacking through the night
With others care energies plights.
Fill the darkness no more
Allow dreams at ease
Away from anxiety
Of world atrocities
Not created my me.

Quiet, please.

Natasha Fontenelle makes ceramic sculptures and wearable art. As part of her practice, she also writes poetry, draws and creates performance art. Clay will always be her first love. Feeling a natural mutual trust, she believes we must work intuitively in collaboration, respect the process and embrace freedom for change. Taking inspiration from music, imagination and personal experience to produce reflective emotion lead true expression. Finished pieces show a glimpse of a private conversational dance between her whole self and the material in a world of restriction through her art she lives free.


2 responses to “Quiet, Please by Natasha Fontenelle”

  1. I can feel this poem resonate with most of my concerns too. Great expression!!


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