second skin by Gabriella McField

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in his eyes the rolling underbelly of spring, trembling and restlessly burgeoning, where the blossoms die and the death is disrupted with the violent ardency of blossoming. metamorphosis is the sweetness of his laugh scraping against his throat stinging and split; the new unfurling of his shoulders when he smiles. unearthed and wild, he wrestles with the sun til it’s razed his softer skin, then kisses sorrow with a mouth untrembling.

Gabriella McField is an Afro-Nicaraguan and Korean poet, activist, powerlifter and student from Southern California. Often exploring the body and the wilderness, her work is published or forthcoming in The Bitter Fruit Review, Velvet Fields, and others; she’s also the co-editor-in-chief of Ogma Magazine. She’d write more, but keeping her houseplant alive is taking a lot of time.

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  1. this is beautiful!


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