summer storms and fireflies by Holli Terrell-Cavalluzzi

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fireflies are contagious creatures
i caught one out of the corner of my eye
but when i blur my eyes
the shape exchanges
into a summer mist.

underneath my clothes
sometimes it is the wild ways that find me—
fireflies, long summer days
thunderstorms shaking blades of dune grass
in the middle of an ocean swim.
we get out
while the sunshine shapes the rest of the day
run across the tarp stretch of sand, barefoot.
no place is too small for lovers.

thunder storms talk to us,
arc justice.
as the Supreme Court rule brews body rights.
i disarm the injustices of the world with the fire off my tongue
catch lightning bugs out of the corner of my eye
and then there is work in finding the joy.

Holli Terrell-Cavalluzzi lives in Wilmington North Carolina where she has made a home by the coast. She spends her days writing poetry and prose which started in graduate school somewhere between teaching yoga and attending classes.


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