Suzy and The Last Revolution in Ager by Laurentiu Stehan

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Suzy and Sarah, childhood friends and colleagues at the Ministry of Happiness, were strolling down on one of the big alleys of The Last Revolution Park. The old oak trees were blooming in the spring Sun and the willow trees were already a baby green nuance, giving a sensation of hope and rebirth.
            -It’s a beautiful day, don’t you think, Sarah?
            -Yes, it’s wonderful. I love spring and how all things come back to life after a long and grey, quite depressing winter. It reminds me how our beloved Ager looked before The Last Revolution. How lucky we are that The Council of the Wise won and we get to live peacefully now!
            -Oh, most definitely, my dear. I heard stories of the days before, about how those barbarians that called themselves The Protectors of Freedom fought against the Council and the atrocities they committed for their so-called freedom.
            -Freedom, ha. Who on Earth would ever need that? Why would I want to torture my mind with choices that I know nothing about when we have the Wise Council to do it for us? They know what is best for each and every one of us! Do you think we would have been capable of deciding to work at the Ministry of Happiness on our own? I mean, I love my work and it is perfect for me. How would I have known this on my own?
            -Yes, you are right, my dear, Sarah. It would be a terrible way to live, constantly doubting your choices. But, it might also be interesting. Wouldn’t you want to know if there is anything else for you out there?
            -Oh, shush, you little blasphemous girl, you! If I didn’t know you so well, I would have told the Keepers of Faith about your “free-thinking.” Don’t you joke like this with anyone, you hear? It will get you into trouble! Remember that boy from our office, Peter, I think. He used to joke around about how the Council was wrong assigning him to the Ministry and how he would tell them if he had the chance.
            -Peter, yes, I remember him. He was a peculiar fellow. Full of joy, but different. I haven’t seen him in a while. I wonder what happened to him…
            -Well, I heard that he got transferred to another city where the old secretary retired.
            -Yes, but, he didn’t even say goodbye, or gather his things from his office.
            -Maybe they needed him fast. They’ll provide him with everything he needs for his new office, that’s why he didn’t take anything with him.
            -Hmm, I suppose you’re right. But he had a photo of him and his wife. Surely he would have wanted to take that with him.
            -Maybe, he just forgot about it. I’m sure the Expedition Department can send it to him at his new office.
            -You’re probably right. The Ministry knows what it’s doing and it takes care of us.
            -It sure does. So, here we part ways, my dear Suzy. See you tomorrow at the office.
            -Yes, see you tomorrow, my dear. Have a blessed day.
            Suzy went on her way home thinking about her discussion with Sarah. About how fortunate they were to live in Ager under the watch of the Council of the Wise. The Protectors of Freedom, terrorists that brainwashed young minds to think they can run things on their own, without supervision from the Council. How stupid. How wrong. How… interesting? What if they could actually do it? She was surprised by these thoughts in her head, but before she could do anything else, two dark silhouettes approached her: Keepers of Faith.
            -Are you Madam Suzy, from the Ministry of Happiness?
            -Yes, officers. What seems to be the problem?
            -Madam, you are under arrest by order of the Council of The Wise for revolutionary thinking and questioning the authority of the Council.
            -What? I have never questioned anything. I have been loyal to the Council and the Ministry. There must be a mistake.
            -Madam, please, follow us.
            -No, you can’t. I have done nothing wrong. Get your hands off me! Help, help, anybody, help me.
            Out of nowhere, a young lad jumped on the back of one of the Protectors and knocked him down. The other, taken by surprise, let go of Suzy’s hand and reached for his gun, but the young man was too quick. He punched the Protector in his mouth and grabbed Suzy.
            -Hurry, more will come. Follow me.
            -Who are you? Where are you taking me? Let me go, I’ll get in trouble.
            -You already are in trouble. You angered the Council, and they want you silenced.
            -But I never did anything wrong.
            -You did. The worst thing imaginable for them. You questioned them.
The man took Suzy into a back alley and entered down a small wooden door into a basement. There, in dim light, Suzy could see a lot of people. The scourge of society, beggars, thieves, criminals! On the walls, there were weapons and banners. She recognized one symbol. A white Pegasus on a red background, preparing to fly.
            -What is this place?
            -Suzy, welcome to The Fight! Welcome to The Protectors of Freedom!
The man took off his mask, revealing his face.

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