The Secret Circle by Joel Bush

On bright mornings
in my childhood home,
I was treated to the
Secret Circle.
My dad dubbed the
rainbow sphere
that would appear
on the chipped
white paint of the bathroom door.
It beamed in
through the front
peephole at around 7, and I
stopped to appreciate it
like a fine Vermeer at the Louvre.
You could explain
it away
with wavelengths or refraction,
but I prefer to keep it
a secret.

Joel Bush is the winner of the 2021 CSUF Earth Day Poetry Contest, and his work has been featured in Poetry Super Highway and Quibble Lit.

2 responses to “The Secret Circle by Joel Bush”

  1. It is both nice to listen to the words in my mind, and the privilege of visualizing that secret circle with full knowledge.

  2. I loved the fun way to describe a childhood memory!


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