Torrents of me

I’m a peaceful hurricane and the safest nuclear weapon,
a drought in the desert,
and a flood in the ocean.
I’m the sun that shines but never burns your skin,
A drunk driver – who comes out at night
And pretends she had lost the keys.
I’m a love junkie,
living with constant need to give love
and constant worry of receiving it back.
I’m insomnia that sings you to sleep,
and a lullaby that wakes you before the sunrise.
I’m me and I’m not me.
So, people tend to run, so, people tend to stay.
Call me a waterfall of feelings and swim under it,
rappel down,
scream, laugh, but don’t fear me.
I told you, I’m a harmless grenade,
a useless machine gun and a self-destructive bomb.
I’m not capable of hurting you. Don’t you know? I will never explode.

First published by Ariel Publishing LLC.

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