Torrents of me

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I’m a peaceful hurricane and the safest nuclear weapon,
a drought in the desert,
and a flood in the ocean.
I’m the sun that shines but never burns your skin,
A drunk driver – who comes out at night
And pretends she had lost the keys.
I’m a love junkie,
living with constant need to give love
and constant worry of receiving it back.
I’m insomnia that sings you to sleep,
and a lullaby that wakes you before the sunrise.
I’m me and I’m not me.
So, people tend to run, so, people tend to stay.
Call me a waterfall of feelings and swim under it,
rappel down,
scream, laugh, but don’t fear me.
I told you, I’m a harmless grenade,
a useless machine gun and a self-destructive bomb.
I’m not capable of hurting you. Don’t you know? I will never explode.

First published by Ariel Publishing LLC.

2 responses to “Torrents of me”

  1. i found it very deep and complicated.

  2. We must be spiritual twins. At least we know who and what we are, many people only
    see themselves for what they are told they are.


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