What Makes Us All Connected by Maid Corbic

Faith has become synonymous with everything today.
That I must simply say
that it somehow changed me
Absolutely for the better, as I am a Christian.

People are bothered by any change today.
but I find it’s for my eyes only.
and that I feel so fulfilled
When I light a candle every Sunday
and I enjoyed that exciting moment.

I believe that everyone is up to us.
can influence other people consciously
because faith really changes all people.
and that is the reason for my chosen happiness.
which will absolutely push all the boundaries of the world

Knowing that faith has helped me so much.
so that I don’t wake up, the bad man informs me
that I really want to continue on the path of my happiness
to choose only the best of life
and not to listen to others around you

Because I know that my life is good and special.
if I trust only myself and no one else
Faith teaches me to respect all people above all.
but also to protect everything from all evil!

Maid Corbic is 22 years old and from Tuzla. In his spare time he writes poetry.


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