Abandoning by Jackson Dammann

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Whoever said
sex and hunger
are our most powerful urges
clearly never tried the stuff I’m on.

This stuff is
            teeth on neck
            cold static through veins
unpolluted stars

the piece of me that was always missing.

Need to cut back budget don’t need the
            car cable friends

just need to be able to breathe.

We’ll go to dinner soon, my love
need a few more minutes to
            no I can drive I’m fine
            I just don’t want to.

I have to go
they’re waiting
they need
            I only need

            unless I don’t need them either.

Jackson Dammann is a twenty-eight year old writer and editor who holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Manhattanville College and a BA in English from Vassar College. He currently works remotely writing for a marketing agency.

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