Remembering Spring Before a Winter’s Heart Cries Nevermore: An Ode to William Wadsworth by Edward Ziegler

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The sun will always rise to fall
Like a thousand times before,
To shine on lamb white meadows
And caress the morning shore.

And robins will always return to sing,
Winging valleys aflame with green
When their melody breaks the April mists
And rosebuds can be seen.

And blossoms will always burst with joy,
With a hue that seems sublime,
When daffodils and May daisies whisper
Earth’s merry-go-round of rhyme.

And Spring will always be a moment,
When in its passing green hill and glen
Bind young hearts with imagination
To the forgotten dreams of grayer men.

Spring may then fill our hearts forever,
Unlocked in time from years before,
Recalled in moments of Autumn sadness
Before a winter’s heart cries nevermore.

Edward Ziegler is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Denver. He is considered one of the more prolific and influential legal scholars of his generation. Since his retirement, his writing has appeared in literary and other journals and his work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


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