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  • The Lady By Shruti Vij

    The Lady By Shruti Vij

    Medium: Acrylics on canvas  Size: 24 inches x 36 inches  Shruti loves doing mainly abstract and mixed media artworks that don’t subscribe to complicated concepts. Her idea of art is simple beauty.

  • Curtain Room Still by Joas Nebe

    Curtain Room Still by Joas Nebe

    ‘It’s a never-ending game of disintegration. I challenge the viewer by not living up to their expectations. I am denying the  satisfaction of solving the riddle, hidden within the depth of my  artwork.’ By turning his filmic cabinet of curiosity into an intriguing jigsaw puzzle of hybrid geometric patterns, Joas Nebe teases the…

  • Artwork By Emily Stedman

    Artwork By Emily Stedman

    Born in New York City, Emily Stedman’s family moved to France when she was in first grade. She currently lives in New York City and is represented at NOHO/M55 Gallery. Her colorful watercolor paintings explore imagined and actual narratives in the world around her. Links: emilystedman.com Instagram: @nepperhan_watercolors facebook.com/emily.stedman

  • Secret Garden By Karina Brzostowski

    Secret Garden By Karina Brzostowski

    Born in Poland, Karina Brzostowski was raised in France where she studied Art at University (BA Arts). She also spent many years in the U.K before relocating in Dubai with her partner. Visit her instagram: @mademoiselle.karina

  • Art By Maddie Bartley

    Art By Maddie Bartley

    *Click on photo to enlarge Maddie Bartley was born in Louisville, KY and attended Murray State University for her BFA in printmaking. Earned her MFA at Syracuse University in 2016. Presently living in Buffalo, NY to focus on her freelance and studio practices. Visit madelinebartley.com or Instagram: @propagationprints

  • Paintings By Smita Sonthalia

    Paintings By Smita Sonthalia

    Smita Sonthalia lives in London and has been practising art for 18 years, a contemporary artist. She draws inspiration from nature, spiritualism and women. Most of her paintings are mixed media and acrylic on canvas. She experiments with textures, layers, inks, lines, patterns in her works to create something different.…

  • First Hydrangea By Lisa D’Amico

    First Hydrangea By Lisa D’Amico

    Lisa D’Amico’s goal is to inspire others to look more carefully at the world around them and to explore beauty in unexpected places. For her, every new photograph is a deep breath and new beginning to tell a story. Links: lisadamico.net Instagram: @lisadamicoartist

  • Paintings By Behruz Kuul

    Paintings By Behruz Kuul

    Behruz Kuul was born in 23 February 1988 in Nakhchivan. Graduated from Nakhchivan State University Fine Arts department, the workshop of Prof. Huseyngulu Aliyev in 2005-2009. Attended in courses of the famous Azerbaijani artists in Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts in 2009-2010. Continued to work personal workshop in Nakhchivan…

  • Nipi Mae By Mae Bayu

    Nipi Mae By Mae Bayu

    Mae Bayu is a versatile artist from Sabah, Malaysia, who dabbles in painting artworks, performing arts and other creative expressions such as costume design as well as writing. “Nipi Mae : When I was a Little Girl” (Mae’s Dream in the Dusun language) is a compilation of artworks based on…